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Public Protection

The Public Protection Section is focused on protecting the public and preventing crime in North Carolina.  

  • We prioritize victims and survivors of violent crime, such as domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking and stalking through policy and advocacy work. That includes coordinating with service providers and advocacy organizations, providing victim services, such as the Address Confidentiality Program, which helps victims keep their address safe from abusers, and doing crime prevention work in the community.​

  • We focus on criminal justice reform issues with various stakeholders throughout the state, including in the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. ​

  • We aim to prevent scams and frauds against our citizens, in particular our seniors, through public education, and where appropriate, litigation by the Consumer Protection Division. Victims of consumer rip-offs and identity theft can get assistance from Attorney General’s consumer specialists.  As scammers and fraudsters, as well as predators, use the internet to target their victims, we are also focused on educating the public about internet safety.

  • We implement the Attorney General’s initiatives on the drug abuse epidemic across the state.
Members of the Public Protection Section are available to speak to the public on any of the above topics, among others.  To request speakers, call (919) 716-6780 or email