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Find Sex Offenders

Help keep your family safe by learning where sex offenders live in your community. 
Search the Sex Offender Registry
Use the North Carolina Sex Offender Registry to find out where sex predators live in your area. When you search, you can view a map that pinpoints where sex offenders live within five miles of any site you choose, such as your home, your child’s school or child care center, or a local park.
Email Alerts When Offenders Move Near You
You can sign up to get e-mail alerts when a sex offender registers at an address near your home or your child’s school, or to track a specific offender.

Sex Offender Registry App

You can use our mobile phone applications for Android and iPhone to find sex offenders from any location.  The app allows users to search for registered North Carolina sex offenders by GPS location or street address.
Track a Specific Offender
If you’ve been the victim of a sex crime and your offender is registered, you can ask to be notified when the offender moves. You can also view an offender's NC prison record and sentence.

Get Alerts by Telephone

You can also sign up to get an alert by telephone when a convicted sex offender moves into your zip code, or to get telephone alerts about a specific offender by calling NC SAVAN at 1-877-627-2826.